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Only 2 DAYS left for Teachers are Givers!


There are still TWO DAYS left to submit to the Teachers Are Givers contest! The contest will close Friday, June 27 at 5:00pm, and then the final vote-off begins next week.

What an incredible month it has been celebrating innovative teachers!

We’ve had the opportunity to interact with so many interesting classroom teachers, librarians, and homeschool parents. Through our Teachers are Givers contest, they have shared their creative and cutting-edge ideas for teaching The Giver, and we can honestly say we have enjoyed reading each and every one!

THANK YOU to those who have submitted one, two, or even three ideas to the contest. And another reminder to all that there are still TWO DAYS left to submit! The contest will close Friday, June 27 at 5:00pm, and we will announce our “Week Four Winner” on Monday.

And don’t forget that beginning next week we will start the final stage of the contest: an online vote-off for the best overall idea. Which educator will receive a hometown screening of the film for their friends and family?

So from the team here at Walden, THANK YOU for your interest in the Teachers are Givers, and if you have any more ideas, please send them in today!

Also, don’t forget that the opportunity to win a trip to the premiere of The Giver through the Giver Sweepstakes is open until MONDAY. Enter your name for a chance at a real New York City movie premiere.