Educator Sweepstakes: Win a Trip to

Educator Sweepstakes: Win a Trip to "The Giver" Premiere

A primary theme in our upcoming movie The Giver is the relationship between Jonas, the Receiver of Memory (Brenton Thwaites), and his mentor, the Giver...

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Watch "The Giver" Featurette and Trailer

Click below to watch an extended featurette for The Giver, with a special appearance by author Lois Lowry!   Click below to watch the official trailer for...

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Memories of

Memories of "The Giver"

This summer will see the release of the Walden Media/The Weinstein Company big-screen adaptation of Lois Lowry's Newbery Medal-winning book The Giver. (If you haven't read...

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New “Giver” Featurette Revealed!

April 11, 2014

New “Giver” Featurette Revealed! post thumbnail

We're excited to reveal the exclusive new featurette for The Giver, with special guest Lois Lowry! There is no way for us to prepare you for what you're about to watch… Tell us what you think on our Facebook page or Twitter! For more Giver news, visit receiveyourdestiny.org. And if you are...

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Download “The Giver” Educator’s Resource Guide

April 07, 2014

Download “The Giver” Educator’s Resource Guide post thumbnail

A comprehensive companion to the book and the movie, The Giver: Educator's Resource Guide is divided into three main pillars, outlined below, that serve as a theoretical framework for bridging the narrative between book and film. EDUCATION: How does the story promote critical thinking and deep comprehension? The Education activities are designed to...

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Download “The Giver” Activity Poster

April 07, 2014

Download “The Giver” Activity Poster post thumbnail

Walden Media is honored to bring Lois Lowry’s powerful story about the wisdom of memory to the screen. The Giver is an extraordinary work of art for readers of all ages. The assignment of the word “art” to a story — for young readers in particular — carries with it an...

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