Drop Shadow

Dear Dumb Diary


An adaptation of the best-selling books by Jim Benton, Dear Dumb Diary stars Emily Alyn Lind as Jamie, the disgruntled diarist of Mackerel Middle School. One of Jamie’s chief complaints is the effortless beauty of her nemesis, Angeline. How is she supposed to get Hudson, the eighth-cutest boy in school, to notice her when Perfect People like Angeline are strolling the halls? As far as she’s concerned, it’s high time the Average People got their due. When her school’s art program is threatened due to budget cuts, the district decides to hold a Jump-a-thon fundraiser. Jamie sees it as her chance to save the day on behalf of the Average People, while at the same time impressing Hudson by beating out Angeline. But in the end, she puts her personal feelings aside in order to do the right thing. And once she stops judging people by appearance alone, she discovers her own sparkling inner beauty, which was there all along.

Rating: Not Rated