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Awesome Apps for Family Road Trips

In our upcoming movie The Watsons Go to Birmingham, the Watson family embarks on a road trip from Flint, Michigan to Birmingham, Alabama in the summer of 1963. Unsavory outhouses, unfriendly restaurants and unlistenable radio stations are just a few of the inconveniences they encounter along the way. Of course, back then there was no […]

World Refugee Day + “I Am David”

 In honor of World Refugee Day, observed each year on June 20, Randy Testa, Walden Media’s Vice President of Education and Professional Development, reflects on the making of I Am David.  Walden Media’s 2004 film I Am David brings a little-known chapter of history to the screen: life in Eastern Europe at the height of […]

Former Walden Intern: Krystyna Karmol

“Former Walden Media Interns: Where Are They Now? ” is an ongoing series featuring dispatches from past interns.Today’s submission comes from Krystyna Karmol, assistant to the Executive Vice President of Reality and Syndication, Sony Pictures Television. [Previous submissions: Mike Stone; Lana Barnes; Alden Dalia.]   I started out my college career hoping to land in feature films.  Through […]

Celebrating Dads

Sunday is Father’s Day, an annual celebration of paternity that revolves around the patriarchal activities of golfing, grilling and reclining in hammocks. Or at least that’s how the greeting card industry bills it. In reality, of course, neither dads nor their pastimes can be generalized so easily. Just as every man has his individual likes […]