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The Giver: An inside look at the SCRIPT

Have you ever seen what a script page looks like compared to the original book? While reading, be sure to ask yourself:  What descriptive wording does Lois Lowry use? How does Lowry’s writing compare to that of our screenwriter, Michael Mitnick? How does Mitnick shape his wording as compared to Lowry? How do their audiences differ? Based on that, why might […]

Teachers are Givers Week 2 Winner – Terri Eichholz!

Congratulations to our week two winner: Terri Eichholz of Hidden Forest Elementary School in San Antonio, Texas! Our judges loved Terri’s use of cutting-edge technology to teach a “Character Strength Floor Plan” lesson based on The Giver. First, Terri’s students discuss the character traits for “The Receiver of Memory” and use The Periodic Table of Character Strengths to describe their own character traits. Next, the students create a “Character […]

Homeschool parents – We want to hear from you!

Calling all registered homeschool parents! Please don’t forget to submit your innovative ideas to the Teachers are Givers contest! One of the most important elements in The Giver is the mentor relationship between The Giver and Jonas. The Giver takes the time to share his knowledge and life experience with Jonas, and he opens his […]

LeAnne Hernandez: Week One “Teachers Are Givers” Winner!

Congratulations to our first Teachers Are Givers contest winner: LeAnne Hernandez of Tuscany Heights Elementary School in Texas! Read below for more details on her creative use of music, Podsnack.com, and other social media outlets to teach The Giver.  Also, check out LeAnne’s bio in the Walden Media Teacher Hall of Fame. And don’t forget that the Teachers Are […]