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Finch has Largest Opening Weekend in History of Apple TV+

Finch has set a record! While Apple isn’t generally transparent about audience number specifics, insiders said that the apocalyptic drama became Apple TV+’s most watch film after its release last Friday, surpassing Tom Hanks’ previous Apple film Greyhound. Finch premiered in over 100 countries, more than doubled its opening day audience as the weekend progressed, […]

The Baby-Sitters Club Season 2 Premieres on Netflix

Your favorite Club is back in business! All 8 episodes of Season 2 of the Emmy-winning series has premiered on Netflix. We pick up at the end of summer, with the new school year bringing new dynamics at home and new problems and lessons for each of the girls. Season 2 also introduces two new […]

FINCH Gets Premiere Date and Trailer at Apple TV+

The upcoming Tom Hanks film Finch will debut on Apple TV+ on November 5. In the film directed by Miguel Sapochnik (Game of Thrones, True Detective), Oscar-winning Hanks plays a robotics engineer named Finch who is among the few survivors of a cataclysmic solar event. While that event left the world a wasteland, Finch has built a world […]

Trailer for The Baby-Sitters Club Season Two Debuts

The trailer for the second season of the The Baby-Sitters Club has arrived! Eight new episodes of the Award-winning series will be streaming on Netflix on October 11th. Season two picks up at the end of summer, and the new school year brings new relationships, new dynamics at home, and new problems and lessons for […]