movie The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

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The magical world of C.S. Lewis’ beloved fantasy comes to life once again in Prince Caspian, the second installment of The Chronicles of Narnia series. Join Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy and Caspian as they lead the Narnians on a remarkable journey to restore peace and glory to their enchanted land. Continuing the adventure of “The Lion, The With and the Wardrobe,” with more magic and a brand-new hero, Prince Caspian is a triumph of imagination, courage, love and joy your whole family will want to watch again and again.

Directed by: Andrew Adamson

Produced by: Mark Johnson, Andrew Adamson, Philip Steuer, Douglas Gresham

Executive Produced by: Perry Moore

Written by: Andrew Adamson & Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely

Release Status: Available on DVD

Rating: Not Rated

Distributed by: Disney

Understanding the elements of fantasy, imagination, creativity, character development and adapting a book to the screen.
Arts and Creativity, Character & Values, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies
Activity Highlights:
Timeline to help students understand the time difference between time in Narnia and time in England, and an essay contest for students to participate.

These activities invite students to delve into the Narnia of Prince Caspian, meet the story’s many species and characters, and consider how they interact to drive the narrative.

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