Drop Shadow

The Lost Girl

By Anne Ursu


When you’re an identical twin, your story always starts with someone else. For Iris, that means her story starts with Lark. Iris has always been the grounded, capable, and rational one; Lark has been inventive, dreamy, and brilliant—and from their first moments in the world together, they’ve never left each other’s side. Everyone around them realized early on what the two sisters already knew: they had better outcomes when they were together.

When fifth grade arrives, however, it is decided that Iris and Lark should be split into different classrooms, and something breaks in them both. Iris is no longer so confident; Lark retreats into herself as she deals with challenges at school. And at the same time, something strange is happening in the city around them, things both great and small going missing without a trace. As Iris begins to understand that anything can be lost in the blink of an eye, she decides it’s up to her to find a way to keep her sister safe.

Anne Ursu, author of the National Book Award nominee The Real Boy, returns with another staggering, heartbreaking story of the power of fantasy, the limits of love, and the struggles we face to cope with the change inherent in growing up.

Anne Ursu

Anne Ursu is the author of National Book Award nominee The Real Boy, Breadcrumbs, a contemporary retelling of “The Snow Queen,” and the three books in the “Chronus Chronicles” series–The Shadow Thieves, The Siren Song, and The Immortal Fire. Anne teaches at Hamline University’s MFA in Writing for Children, and lives in Minneapolis with her family. Find her online at www.anneursu.com.

As intriguing as it is eerie, this imaginative tale by Ursu (The Real Boy) is told from the point of view of the crow, who observes Iris’s actions and emotions as she faces life and peril, for the first time without her sister. This suspenseful mystery offers a story of empowerment, showing how one girl with the help of others can triumph.

- Publishers Weekly

A beautiful, timeless tale of love conquering darkness in the midst of mystery and the angst of change. A must-have for any middle grade collection.

- School Library Journal

It is a layered, mysterious tale that will speak to many and brushes the world with magic.

- Booklist

Ursu ends this passionate and complex story with a celebration of sibling autonomy, youthful agency and the power of friends.

- New York Times Book Review

Ursu unleashes a sharp, timely, age-appropriate critique of the myriad ways in which patriarchal culture devalues female agency, especially that of young girls. The novel finely balances the importance of self-reliance with the power of collective action.

- Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

Ursu’s fans will find much to love.

- Kirkus Reviews

A magical story of sisterly love and loss and friendship.

- Tulsa Book Review

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