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Our judges have chosen the four winners of the Teachers are Givers contest, and now it is time for YOU to choose your favorite overall! Which submission sounds like the most interesting way to learn about The Giver? Which has the most creative use of technology? Which lesson plan will you adapt for your classroom? Which sounds the most fun? Let us know what you think by voting!




hernandez BIG

1) LeAnne Hernandez – “Power of a Podsnack”

Students choose 5 primary events from The Giver and a piece of music to symbolize each event. OR, students imagine themselves to be one character from the book. What kind of music would you enjoy?  What lyrics might have special meaning to you? Next, students use their music selections (and written justifications) to make individual or class podsnacks. Podsnack.com is a free online tool which allows a user to create an audio playlist. Podsnacks can be shared via FacebookTwitter, or email, and can be embedded or downloaded.  Click here for the full lesson plan…

Terri Eichholz_2

2) Terri Eichholz – “Character Strength Floor Plan”

Students discuss the character traits for “The Receiver of Memory” and use The Periodic Table of Character Strengths to describe their own character traits. Next, the students create a “Character Strength Floor Plan” and use various apps (ThinglinkPuppet Pals, TellagamiAurasma) and websites to simulate “Augmented Reality”—an innovative way for the students to explain their floor plans. Click here for the full lesson plan…

karen 53) Karen Niegelsky – “Criteria of a Community”

Students use Padlet collaboratively online to compare & contrast ancient civilizations. They examine the 7 characteristics for determining whether a culture is civilized: stable food supply, social structure, governmental system, religion, arts & culture, technology, written/spoken language. Then, students use what they’ve learned about the Community in The Giver and those in ancient cultures to create digital models for civilizations of their own by making video commercials that attempt to sell their classmates on the merits of these societies.  Click here for the full lesson plan…


4) Tonya Parkman – “Memorable Events Committee”

Students imagine a situation in which they have selected the first Receiver of Memory for their Community, like the one in The Giver. Then, the “Memorable Events Committee” must decide which events in U.S. history should be remembered. The class uses multiple technologies for research, and they use apps such as Kahoot! to argue and vote for which events should be kept by the Receiver. Click here for the full lesson plan..