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‘The Giver’ Is Not Just Another Teen Franchise


Sarah Gundell of Examiner.com writes about how The Giver lives in a category of it’s own, despite the media’s insistence of including it in the Young Adult dystopian genre. Check out some excerpts from the article below!

Giver faith trailer image

“It’s important to remember: The Giver is not just another YA movie. It is something so much more; it is a story with history and staying power and one we will continue to devour for years to come.”

“Many consider The Giver a classic, having grown up with the book as a staple on their bookshelves or even as part of their classroom curriculum. And yet mainstream media still seems to lump The Giver into the rest of the YA adaptation trend…. No doubt, the film’s dystopian setting is a major contributing factor – given the massive success of The Hunger Games and this year’s Divergent, both set in dystopian futures. But when Lois Lowry first wrote The Giver, dystopian YA lit was not ‘a thing.’ She wasn’t writing to a trend, and she wasn’t trying to convey a message.”

The Giver is poised to become a powerful film – but not a traditional multi-billion dollar franchise, complete with action figures and sheet sets. The story is strong enough for The Giver to stand on its own”

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