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A Glowing NYT Review for “Sidekicked”

August 26, 2013

A Glowing NYT Review for “Sidekicked” post thumbnail

In his New York Times review of Sidekicked, Larry Tye starts out by admitting he "wanted to hate this book." Spoiler alert: He loved it. Excerpt below: "'I know Superman, Superman is a friend of mine,' I was tempted to write to the author, John David Anderson, 'and Mr. Anderson, Captain...

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Bryce Clyde Jenkins Is Kenny Watson

August 02, 2013

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Meet Kenny Watson. Brainy and introspective, he's reached the point where childhood innocence can no longer shelter him from life's harsh realities. Why bask in praise from his teachers when he knows it only makes him a target for bullies? And why is his own big brother the meanest bully...

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Harrison Knight Is Byron Watson

August 01, 2013

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Meet Byron Watson. Smart, handsome and brimming with potential, he's fallen in with the wrong crowd and is fast becoming an accomplished troublemaker. Fed up with his behavior, his parents decide what Byron needs is a visit with his Grandma Sands down in Alabama. One thing's for certain: she won't...

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Wood Harris Is Daniel Watson

July 31, 2013

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Meet Daniel Watson. A fun-loving husband and father, his infectious sense of humor keeps his family laughing, even when he's cracking jokes at their expense. As the Watsons prepare to depart on their road trip from Michigan to Alabama, Daniel surprises his wife and kids by installing a state-of-the-art record...

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Coming Soon: Dear Dumb Diary

July 30, 2013

Coming Soon: Dear Dumb Diary post thumbnail

Middle school can be tough. Lucky for Jamie, she has a best friend to help her through. Someone she can trust with her innermost secrets. That someone is her diary. Her Dear Dumb Diary. An adaptation of the best-selling books by Jim Benton, Dear Dumb Diary stars Emily Alyn Lind as...

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