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New GIVER Featurette Shows Similarities to Beloved Book


An article today on Bustle.com takes a look at the new featurette released for The Giver, and how it is more proof that the film is “delving into the aspects of the story that have made it a staple in schools for decades.”

“This featurette largely functions as continued exposition: It delves further into the set-up of this particular dystopian society and the role that its leading teen will play in shaking things up. It’s got Jonas (Brenton Thwaites) experiencing the joys of love (and babies!) and the ravages of war, it’s got Katie Holmes as a worried mom, and it’s got Meryl Streep and her wig acting pretty sketchy. ”

Since “The Giver’s author Lois Lowry has expressed her approval of the film,” fans should feel confident that the project is in good hands!

Click here for the entire article.

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