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Homeschool parents – We want to hear from you!


THE GIVERCalling all registered homeschool parents! Please don’t forget to submit your innovative ideas to the Teachers are Givers contest!

One of the most important elements in The Giver is the mentor relationship between The Giver and Jonas. The Giver takes the time to share his knowledge and life experience with Jonas, and he opens his eyes to pain, joy, sadness, and love. All over the country, teachers selflessly engage in this influential mentor relationship every day, and we want to celebrate them; not the least of whom are those taking on the double role of teacher and parent.

The Giver not only celebrates the mentor relationship but also the incredible impact that education has on a child’s life. As a homeschool parent, I recognize the awesome responsibility that homeschool parents assume in the lives of their children. As with all Walden Media educator contests, registered homeschool parents are eligible to enter and I look forward to reading the submissions of my talented compatriots in education,” noted Micheal Flaherty, President of Walden Media.

So teachers, librarians, and, of course, homeschool teachers, please click here to enter the Teachers Are Givers contest, running throughout the month of June. We at Walden Media, as well as our panel of judges, have found it a privilege to read through your innovative ways to inspire children to learn, and we hope you keep them coming! Winners will be highlighted on the Walden Media website and in the Walden Media Teacher Hall of Fame. Each winner will also receive a personal cash prize of $1000, a $1000 donation to his/her school or an approved educational institution, and $1000 to his/her local library, plus a chance for a hometown screening of the film.

Also, don’t forget that full-time registered homeschool parents or other educational professionals can also enter our other educator contest, The Giver Sweepstakes, for a chance to win a trip to New York for the premiere of The Giver!