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Download “The Giver” Activity Poster


Walden Media is honored to bring Lois Lowry’s powerful story about the wisdom of memory to the screen. The Giver is an extraordinary work of art for readers of all ages. The assignment of the word “art” to a story — for young readers in particular — carries with it an important obligation. Playwright  Anton Chekhov said that the purpose of art was not to offer solutions, but to correctly pose the questions. This is The Giver’s genius: correctly-posed questions framed by the story of a young person’s coming of age in a community where everything is taken care of, where sameness has replaced want, freedom and the capacity to question — to see.

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Walden Media’s film adaptation of The Giver presents a story at the center of the canon of beloved stories for young people, a story that wrestles with powerful questions of human motivation, and a story that offers tremendous hope in the face of overwhelming odds. Above all, we at Walden Media hope our film of The Giver celebrates the singular vision of Lois Lowry, an author who, like our hero Jonas, has learned to see far Beyond.

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The activities within this activity poster are recommended for students in grades 6 through 8 and meet Common Core State Standards in English/Language Arts. Each activity includes context-setting comments for students and instructions so that students can either work independently, or as a class. Applicable Common Core State Standards for activities appear on Panel 7 of this poster. All pages are gray-scalable and may be photocopied for use with students.

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