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Celebrating Dads


Sunday is Father’s Day, an annual celebration of paternity that revolves around the patriarchal activities of golfing, grilling and reclining in hammocks. Or at least that’s how the greeting card industry bills it.

cards via folksy.com, zazzle.com

cards via folksy.com, zazzle.com

In reality, of course, neither dads nor their pastimes can be generalized so easily. Just as every man has his individual likes and dislikes, every father has his own approach to parenting. Some men are born fathers; others have a difficult time adjusting to the role.

But one sweeping generalization that can be made is that fatherhood involves sacrifice. Being a dad requires making changes to one’s life order to accommodate the needs of a child, or children. And while those changes may ultimately be worth it, they’re not always easy to make.

Below, a few examples of the struggles some Walden Media movie dads faced in adjusting to fatherhood. To all the real-life fathers out there, we wish you a very happy Father’s Day!

1. The “Won’t Grow Up” Dad. When we first meet Frosty in Chasing Mavericks, he’s a surfer first, family man second. It’s not until he forges a bond with Jay that he really begins to grasp what it means to be a father.


2. The “Distant” Dad. In Because of Winn-Dixie, Preacher is emotionally reserved and has a hard time connecting with his daughter, Opal. But after the two share an emotional experience, Preacher is finally able to make it clear to Opal how much she means to him.


3. The “Dreams Deferred” Dad. In Ramona and Beezus, Robert Quimby explains to Ramona how he surrendered his dream of becoming an artist in order to take a better paying job that would support his family.


4. The “Bonus Dad:” The Single Mom. In Won’t Back Down, Jamie Fitzpatrick wants a brighter future for her daughter, Malia, which means devoting herself to fighting for change on her child’s behalf.