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If you loved the timely fun of Two Truths and a Lie last summer, you’re in for a treat: there’s a sequel! Two Truths and a Lie: Histories and Mysteries

A Perilous Journey of Danger & Mayhem: A Dastardly Plot

It is 1883—the Age of Invention! A time when great men like Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Nicola Tesla, and George Eastman work to turn the country into a mechanical-electrical-industrial

Two Truths and a Lie: Histories and Mysteries

Crazy-but-true stories about history, geography, and human achievement make this acclaimed nonfiction series perfect for fans of curiosities and wonders. A fun way for middle graders to explore ways to


Hey Bat fans!  We’re excited for the fast-approaching release of Elana K. Arnold’s A Boy Called Bat sequel coming out on March 27th, Bat and the Waiting Game – so

Blog Tour: GRANTED, by John David Anderson

Happy Thursday!  We’re pumped to be kicking off the official Blog Tour for John David Anderson’s latest gem Granted today over at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers!  For the next few

The Treasure of Mad Doc Magee

The small, run-down town of Eden is the only place Jenny Burns has ever called home.  The roots of the trees are in her bones, the air of the mountains

New BLACK TULIP Activity Kit!

Just in time for the release of The Sea of the Dead, we’ve got an updated Activity Kit for your educational pleasure!  Peruse the PDF for new activities for the

Love Sugar Magic: A Dash of Trouble

The first book in a heartfelt and hilarious new series about a family of Mexican-American bakers…who also happen to be brujas! Leonora Logroño’s family owns the most beloved bakery in

The Oceans Between Stars

This is the highly anticipated second book in the CHRONICLE OF THE DARK STAR. It is Earth Year 2223—but the Earth, along with the entire solar system, is gone. Liam


Everyone who wishes upon a star, or a candle, or a penny thrown into a fountain knows that you’re not allowed to tell anyone what you’ve wished for.  But even

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