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Lois Lowry Live Twitter Chat


Lois Lowry, Author

Today, Lois Lowry participated in a live Q & A session on Twitter with fans of The Giver! Fans tweeted questions, and Lowry responded in real time using only 140 characters per answer.


Check out below what she had to say about how The Giver resonating with fans, tidbits about the upcoming film adaptation, advice to aspiring authors, and more!


Q: Read the book when I was a kid & it was PHENOMENAL!Why did it take so long to make the movie? @AntoineMDillard @TheGiverMovie #TheGiverLois

A1: @IMDb @AntoineMDillard I am not certain but the guess is probably it all boils down to money. Movies are very expensive.

A2: @IMDb @AntoineMDillard And timing. The money, the director, everything has to come together at the right time. #TheGiverLois

Q: The movie trailer looks different from the book, how do you feel about the changes? @NSalyer4@TheGiverMovie #TheGiverLois

A1: @IMDb @NSalyer4 There are some changes that were necessary. They had to add action. The book is introspective & the movie had to be visual

A2: @IMDb @NSalyer4 And I’m happy with the changes they made. They were necessary. #TheGiverLois

Q: Thoughts on Jonas’s age difference in the movie? Would you have preferred it to stay the same?@josephrouhana24 @TheGiverMovie #TheGiverLois

A: @IMDb @josephrouhana24 At first I thought I would but after seeing the movie I realize it works well having them be teenagers #TheGiverLois

Q: How involved were you in the scripting phase? @joseluissolo @TheGiverMovie #TheGiverLois

A1: @IMDb @joseluissolo There were several screenplays written and I read each but wasn’t involved in the writing.

A2: @IMDb @joseluissolo For the final screenplay I was asked to make comments and I did.#TheGiverLois

Q: Why do you think that the book has inspired so many people from different paths of life?@GrammyboyXD  @TheGiverMovie #TheGiverLois

A: @IMDb @GrammyboyXD I don’t know. I guess it raises a lot of questions and calls upon readers to answer them for themselves. #TheGiverLois

Q: What moment in making the movie made you smile the most?  @joseluissolo @TheGiverMovie#TheGiverLois

A: @IMDb @joseluissolo There’s a moment in the finished film where the baby stops crying, looks up, and it takes my breath away #TheGiverLois

Q: What characteristics of Jonas do you see in yourself? Our class read the book this year & LOVED it! @AllyRoche @TheGiverMovie #TheGiverLois

A: @IMDb @AllyRoche Curiosity. Introspection. Integrity. And uncertainty. #TheGiverLois

Q: What is your opinion on the recent popularity surge of YA dystopia novels? @GrammyboyXD @TheGiverMovie #TheGiverLois

A1: @IMDb @GrammyboyXD I think it’s not surprising given the threatening uncertainty in the world.

A2: @IMDb @GrammyboyXD Kids are the ones who will try to fix it, so they’re looking for books that display possible futures. #TheGiverLois

Q: What inspired you to write this story ? @Helena_Duvernay @TheGiverMovie #TheGiverLois

A: @IMDb @Helena_Duvernay Interested in concept of human memory, what happens if we could manipulate it, and what would we lose #TheGiverLois

Q: Can you tell us what your favorite part of the Giver is? (Book or Movie) @JessicaMoviez@TheGiverMovie #TheGiverLois

A: @IMDb @JessicaMoviez When he sees the house, first in a memory, finally in reality.#TheGiverMovie

Q: Who is your favorite character? @_AmberVang @TheGiverMovie #TheGiverLois

A: @IMDb @_AmberVang The Giver himself, both book & movie. He’s the deepest character.#TheGiverLois

Q: What is the message that you want the audience to take away from the book & movie?@GrammyboyXD  @TheGiverMovie #TheGiverLois

A: @IMDb @GrammyboyXD That our future depends upon the choices and compromises we make.#TheGiverLois

Q: Last question: I’m such a HUGE fan… do you have any advice for an aspiring author? @mmelk9@TheGiverMovie #TheGiverLois

A: @IMDb @mmelk9 I can only recommend that you read and read and read. #TheGiverLois